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Small Company?

Save time and money, and reduce risk by outsourcing product design.

Big Company?

Temporary overflow of work? A project that falls outside of your expertise?

Not an Engineering Company?

Outsource it!

Tailored Design Approach

Whatever the situation, Cantares can work with you to create a successful product. For example, anticipated high-volume products will be optimized to squeeze the last penny from the BOM, whereas smaller production items get the design done more quickly, using common off-the-shelf parts.

Expertise in a Wide Range of Technologies

  • Medical, Automotive, Industrial, Consumer
  • Analog and Mixed-signal
  • Digital, FPGA, CPLD, VHDL, Verilog, Quartus
  • High-speed (e.g., SATA, HDMI, PCIe, LVDS)
  • Microprocessor/micro-controller
  • Audio, Video
  • Power
  • etc...

Basic firmware is handled in-house, while more complex systems can be sub-contracted or done by the client.

Cantares will work with you to any degree desired, from an advisory role, to supplying schematics, BOM, and PCB layout, to handling a prototype or even full production run.


Cantares stands behind its work. We pride ourselves on designs that work the first time. In the unlikely event that a problem is discovered in the prototypes, the design will be corrected at no charge.

Business Arrangement

Nobody likes endless paperwork, or worrying about accounting for every minute. Assuming a project is well enough defined, we will generally quote a fixed cost, which is paid in installments. Other arrangements are available depending on the type of project.